Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and

gentle way to help you access your subconscious through guided imagery

and visualization in order to better understand, address or change the 

thought patterns around a variety

of issues including:  Hypnotherapy 

for weight loss, Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, pain, and habit changes.

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Reiki Healing


Through Spirit Directed Healing

Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy & More!

Located in the East Valley off the US 60 and Greenfield Road

Serving the cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe, Arizona

Reiki healing is a non-invasive, energy practice that helps to harmonize the

body, mind and spirit by balancing the energetic fields running through and around the body. Reiki can be used to alleviate all forms of stress & pain 

and to dissolve the spiritual and

emotional blocks that may be at the

root of the issue.  

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Soar To Self
The path to healing the body, mind or spirit is unique to each individual person. At SOAR TO SELF Tara offers sacred space and spiritual guidance where you can discover your own healing path. Together you decide on a treatment plan that will incorporate the use of Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, or Intuitive Readings as a tool for supporting your personal process. During treatment sessions Tara will emphasize ​the mind-body-spirit connection involved in healing; help you to resolve challenges and clear blocks that are holding you back from living a full life; and support you as you learn to connect to your higher-self and inner strength.

CranialSacral is a light-touch therapy  that can help to increase physical vitality and enhance the body's general well-being by balancing the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that surrounds,  protects and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid system pulses to the rhythm of your energetic body and is deeply rooted in past experiences.

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hypnotherapy  for weight loss


reiki energy

chakra balance

toe reading

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pain management


Toe Reading is based on the idea that thoughts formed during highly charged moments become mental patterns that eventually implant in our body. These thought-forms show up by changing the physical appearance of the feet and toes and act as a hologram of our life experiences. By observing the patterns in the toes  I can help you to uncover the stories that have become embedded in your feet.

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Pure, therapeutic grade Essential oils  enhance the healing process of the mind, body and spirit. I will incorporate the oils into your session as needed 

for support and healing.


You may also purchase DōTERRA® Essential Oils online here:


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Looking at life through the cards is         an excellent way to turn experience into wisdom. The symbols and archetypes    of human nature represented in the cards can characterize the situations, people and choices affecting your life.  Interpreting the cards that come up during your reading can heighten your self-awareness and increase your opportunity for personal growth.

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Intuitive toe & Tarot Card Readings

Essential oils